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A stable government’s leaders can manage their economy, legislation and law enforcement, medical standards and the defense borders.

But even the most well organized, resourceful government is vulnerable when a significant natural disaster hits. Whether it be earthquake, flood, wildlife, epidemic, tsunami, heat wave or extreme cold front, managing citizen communication and action is a life-and-death challenge- not to mention the risk of long term financial damage suffered by the individual, the community  and the country as a whole.

In 2015 UN reports horrifying statistics  to illustrate the impact. In the past 20 years natural disasters around the world have killed more than 600,000 people, left 1.4 billion injured  or homeless, and cost trillions of dollars in damages.

As the central body of citizen rely on  information and instruction in times of crisis, government around the worlds are working swiftly. They are adopting integrated communication systems and strategies with common rules, well designed legal mandates and real time action plans. Technology is the cornerstone of these efforts. Government officials and emergency managers need a zero-failure, citizen friendly system that makes it quick and easy to instantly reach millions of citizens with a warning message or instructions. They need to be able to contact smaller remote geographic areas and to even reach then when the cellular networks are in overload.   Read more



Mass Alert

Mass Alert White Paper

Celltick Enables Emergency Alerts for Mobile Devices in Taiwan

Celltick’s Cell Broadcast Center (CBC) has been deployed by three mobile operators in Taiwan to deliver emergency warning alerts on 4G, 3G and 2G networks

 San Francisco, Calif., – September 19, 2017 – Celltick, a global leader in mobile discovery and engagement products, announced today that its Cell Broadcast Center (CBC) platform for mobile mass alert has been adopted and deployed by 3 out of the 5 mobile operators in Taiwan – Taiwan Mobile, Taiwan Star and APT.  Celltick’s CBC enables real-time and location-based warning messages in the event of emergencies, to Taiwan’s citizens.

Cell Broadcast (CB) technology allows for time-sensitive content on mobile devices, based on the device’s location. It provides proven capabilities to deliver CMAS emergency messages to cell phones in an affected area, regardless of the size of the area or the subscriber’s service provider. As cell broadcast is not limited by traffic loads, the system operates during disaster, when load spikes may jam the mobile networks. This capability ensures the delivery of messages to hundreds of millions of people at the time of need.

Equipped with advanced APIs for connecting to any kind of network as well as cell broadcast entities (CBE), Celltick’s technology enables federal and/or state authorities to send out urgent warnings, updates, and instructions in times of crisis, such as terror attacks, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. Messages can be sent to an entire city, county, region or state-wide even if the mobile network is jammed. The CBC also supports Active-Active fail-safe configuration to guarantee continuous functionality even in cases of equipment failure.

Cell Broadcast has been adopted worldwide as a next-generation wireless Public Warning System (PWS). Celltick’s CBC supports all advanced standards including CMAS, EMTEL, EU-Alert, and ETWS and therefore is ideal for service providers worldwide.

For Governments around the world, looking for an integrated cellular communication system, Celltick offers as a CBE its Alert Aggregator platform, to manage emergency events. The Alert Aggregator connects to all mobile operators’ CBCs in the country, and allows professional event management in a national/regional level.

“We’re seeing an increased demand, by governments worldwide, to facilitate Emergency Mass Alert systems to benefit and protect their citizens,” said Ronen Daniel, CEO of Celltick. “Taiwan is at serious risk of many categories of hazards including extreme weather, epidemics, geological disasters and warfare, hence they need to have the best-of-breed emergency notifications system. Celltick’s in-depth knowledge and experience in delivering dozens of similar projects assured a swift deployment, meeting all requirements.”


About Celltick

Celltick is a global leader of mobile discovery and engagement products and services for mobile operators, device manufacturers and app developers.  The company has also developed an overall mobile mass-alert solution including CBC for mobile operators and Alert Aggregator for governments and authorities. The company has more than 270M monthly active users for its products while its current flagship product, START has over 65M installs.  Celltick has close to 100 customers including America Movil, Deutsche Telekom, Vadafone, Airtel, Tencent, Xiaomi and ZTE.  Celltick has subsidiaries in USA, Europe, South America India and Asia Pacifc.  For more information, please visit

When content is too good to be kept a secret….chat about it

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We were recently approached by a chat application company who wanted to embed our Start Magazine within their software.

Now, while I’m naturally in favor of promoting our product in every way I can, I do try to apply some common sense and run a quick, initial sanity check to make sure the implementation will create real user value. And more often than not, this is the case; we are already working with developers of over 50 applications who have managed to improve their KPIs by adding high-quality, customized content to their app…but in these cases, they’ve all managed to do this elegantly and logically, integrating it smoothly into what their app is already doing.

So when this chat application approached me, let’s say I was really curious to hear about their vision.

Then the most beautiful thing happened: They surprised me (and that does not often happen in discussions with partners).

You see, their vision to integrate a magazine into their chat app rested on two main objectives:

The first one was quite predictable: to provide a chat user the option of reading something interesting, and instantly sharing it with friends on the chat platform.

But it was the second idea that blew me away.

They wanted to take article commenting to the next level.

How? It’s very simple (now!): You begin reading an article and then open a random, live chat with someone, somewhere, who is using the app as well and reading the same article. Yes, it’s a wild, new social experience: two complete strangers finding themselves chatting about an article they find interesting, in real-time. It’s about connecting people, around chat and content.

Personally, I learned a very valuable lesson: Opportunities are all over the place, and they aren’t always obvious or what you plan for. You may think you “know” your domain… but there is always someone out there who thinks differently enough to bend the rules and create something new from the same starting point.

If you have your own application and would like to get creative with it…
If you also want to get excellent content, free of charge, and actually get paid for sharing it with your users…
If you also agree that “Content is King” and know that adding it will help your application…

Contact me. Together, we can bend some rules.



Celltick- Driving Mobile Engagements for Operators & Device Manufacturers

The El Clásico of Content

I admit I am not a huge soccer fan.

However, a match between Real Madrid and Barcelona is a momentous enough event to sit and enjoy.

While I was watching Messi and Ronaldo fighting their way to the long-awaited goal, I realized the power of interest in general, and the power of sports in specific.

In my daily job, I manage a content monetization platform called Start Magazine that has a variety of content categories. We have a dashboard view that shows behavior
al activity and revenue figures from all content areas, including our sports scoreboard solution, which is an integral part of Start’s content offering.

When I got to work the morning after the game, I was curious to see how this scoreboard was used by our Start users. A quick look showed (as expected) increased engagement around our sports score offering after the game, as well as over the next couple of days, when users returned to check the rank of the teams.

Whatever the score (Barcelona won 3:2 BTW), my dashboard did not fail me.   I saw millions of views on to the game page, where visitors looked at statistics (and were exposed to ads during the process, generating revenues for us and our partners)

Every time I look at my dashboards, I come to the same conclusion: Sport content is the most engaging content out there.

And we have it all.

We have sport articles. Scores. Videos. Images.

Any language, any country and any game.


If your app can use a great source of sport content, join Start Magazine.

You can offer your users a chance to create their own sport page (selecting their favorite teams).

Our simple API/SDK allow you to easily add content to your application.

And best of all, you get it all for free – and actually get paid via the ads within the content.


So what are you waiting for? Contact us now.


PS – Yeah, despite my excitement here, we have way more than just sports :)


Engage your app users via content

It’s a rare, unexpected, precious moment in time: A customer calls and tells you…he is happy. When’s the last time it happened to you? Here’s my story.

Background: We developed the Start Magazine Content Monetization Platform for a couple of reasons. Yes. We wanted to earn revenue. But deep down, we believe “Content is King” and that adding engaging content to an application is not just a revenue tool, but a great differentiator and retention tool as well.

So I recently got a call from one of the applications we are working with.

Just so you understand, the vision I originally “sold” him emphasized the revenues he could earn by adding our magazine to his app. This benefit, however, was apparently of less interest to him.

This developer had built a “transportation sidekick” application, showing you the best way to get from point A to point B via the local metro/subway/bus system.

His main problem was engagement; he has close to a million installs, but DAU (daily active users) figures were extremely low. Another problem was session duration time. Users open the app, do their thing, and…leave. Never longer than a 50-second activity.

The idea of adding a white-labeled magazine to his app was “an interesting experiment” (his original words), and while skeptical, he was ready to give it a try.

We created for him a premium content magazine in four languages, comprised of News, Sports, Entertainment, Celebs, Music, and Videos. The full package.

The results?

  1. Session duration increases from 50 seconds to over 4 minutes. People actually stayed in the application while they were waiting for their transportation to show up.
  2. People started to use the application on a daily basis. Yes, they actually opened the app just to read the content, creating a spike in DAU of approximately 30% more DAU.  It made the app sticky and helped expose users to additional features.
  3. And the final upshot? Yes, he increased revenues as well.

Once again, a great demonstration that content is an excellent way to get your app’s users engaged in new ways.

Have your own app?
Need to get your users better engaged (and increase your revenues while doing so)?
We work with any application, big or small. Contact us to find out how…


Download VisionMobile report – Global trends in Android use (2015)


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