Start a Relationship with Your Users


Celltick creates innovative solutions for mobile operators that provide value and enable monetization while increasing subscriber engagement. Our fully-managed services are built on 13 years of experience in understanding the changing needs of mobile consumers. Through innovative interfaces, tailored to any type of mobile device, users of our services easily discover and access a wide variety of content, services and apps.

All our solutions are device-, context- and location-based, ensuring high relevancy to the consumer. They create an eminently visible and precisely targetable OTT publishing inventory that is monetized through a mix of advertising, app promotion, mobile commerce and coupons.

We are the market pioneers and leaders in home screen and start screen marketing. Our solutions are implemented with more than 50 mobile operators worldwide.

Start: groundbreaking ANDROID interface solution

Start is a customizable intelligent Android interface that lets you re-establish direct relationships with your subscribers and stay relevant and engaged with them daily.

Start shifts virtually all user activity to the start screen. With a single gesture and without unlocking their phones, Start users can call, message, take photos, launch apps and access social media, news, sports, videos and all other content. Start creates a simplified, easy and fun experience that users love.

Now you can create your own flavor of Start and delight your users. Start’s look and feel can be customized to reflect your brand values and personality. You can also leverage Start’s powerful analytical tools to automatically tailor the experience to user segments and even individuals. Your power users can customize Start to their liking while the most of the others would love Start’s intelligent backend to customize it for them.

Start enables you to create a branded communication channel with your users. Start’s built-in promotional tools can direct users to your own services, target them with special offers and communicate with them interactively.

Start creates revenue streams through search, display advertising, app promotions and mobile-initiated commerce. Start’s backend integrates with your billing systems to create a seamless transaction experience.

Start is provided by Celltick as a hassle-free fast to market managed service.


LiveScreen: mass market publishing solution for any phone

Our well-established LiveScreen solution allows you to reach your subscribers on their device home screen. Its patented technology combined cell broadcast with a SIM app to reach millions of users simultaneously with location-based promotions with minimal network load.

LiveScreen integrates with all your standard channels such as SMS, USSD, WAP and voice. It also interfaces with your CRM, customer service platforms, provisioning and billing platforms. The solution provides GUI to manage marketing campaigns and system management and to provide insights into consumer preferences and purchase patterns.

LiveScreen is being deployed commercially since 2003 across more than 50 mobile operators worldwide. Every year it generates for them more than 3 billion mobile transactions and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for operators globally.

Monetizing through mobile commerce

A key way of monetizing your service will be our unique Click-to-Coupon technology. It is a localizable coupon network that closes the loop between mobile marketing and mobile commerce. It enables seamless transactions for virtual and physical goods, all initiated from the start or home screen.

Our Real Time Coupon Server displays the right coupon to the right customer at the right time. It considers parameters such as location, device type, context, segment and past behavior to deliver a great, relevant experience to the user and high conversion rates to the merchant.

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