LiveScreen enables Commerce through Mass Reach on Mobile

Celltick’s LiveScreen platform enables operators, marketers and advertisers to monetize their mobile users. The system intelligently targets the right services and products to be marketed to users based on their location, context and purchase history. In LiveScreen, we provide a managed mass market solution that close the loop between mobile marketing to mobile commerce with patented technology, local knowledge and scale.

With the LiveScreen Platform, we create powerful services and products for partners such as:

  • Active actionable messages on the mobile home screen of a significant number of devices on the network when the device is in idle mode
  • Extending online infotainment services from the Internet into mobile-friendly services even on feature phones
  • Delivering location-aware services
  • Advertising and distributing coupons and other commerce services on the mobile phone
  • Using SIM-based apps to promote content and services for any phone
  • Provide dynamic menu management capabilities on the SIM


  • Intuitive user experience: Simplicity is the essence of LiveScreen’s user interface. Marketing messages are tailored to invite users on their idle screen. Users can interacting with the messages by simple clicks without any typing. The system enables them to access mobile content, products or apps.
  • Advanced media management: LiveScreen management tools aid in creating scheduled messages such as merchant coupons, operator services, mobile advertisements and other infotainment services. Tools provide functionalities for delivery scheduling, user segment targeting, delivery, analytics, consumer lifecycle management and admin and customer care.
  • Broadcast + P2P delivery: LiveScreen operates over both 2G and 3G mobile networks and delivers content to idle home screens. The system allows to utilize mobile broadcast (write once – publish to all) to reach hundreds of millions of users simultaneously in real time, without any additional network cost. Broadcasts can be complemented with point-to-point delivery when the messages are completely personalized to the user.
  • Device-matching: LiveScreen is available for both feature phones and smartphones. The user interface adapts to deliver the best possible experience for each device.
  • Smart segmentation and personalization: LiveScreen can help in creating groups and segments of users based on their choice of services. Segmentation can be done based on demographics and also based on behavior of the user to messages on different topics.
  • Powerful analytics: LiveScreen collects and processes data on user engagement. It gives a clear view on the performance of the media operation and marketing campaigns, allowing ongoing control and optimization.