LiveScreen is our patented platform designed specifically for operators on which we deliver a managed service to produce incremental revenue from mobile commerce and content distribution. LiveScreen has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for them each year.

Easy to Implement

The system intelligently targets the right products and services to users based on their location, context and purchase history when they’re likely to take action. LiveScreen’s management tools create pre-scheduled and segmented messages, such as merchant coupons, operator services, mobile advertisements and other infotainment services. We offer a turnkey managed service based on LiveScreen working with you to maximize the revenue potential of your network.

Multiple Communication Options

LiveScreen uses mobile broadcast to reach hundreds of millions of users in real time, without any additional network cost. It also allows for P2P services to deliver marketing messages to specific user groups in a personalized manner, and includes focused reports and analytics. LiveScreen can be used to obtain explicit consent for subscriptions and renewals to protect consumers’ interests.

Suitable for Most Devices

LiveScreen is the only proven mass market mobile marketing solution for any device with an appropriate SIM card, including iOS phones and tablets. Through device matching, the user interface adapts to deliver the best possible experience for each device whether it’s a feature phone or smartphone.

Actionable Analytics

LiveScreen collects and processes data on user engagements. It gives a clear view media operation and marketing campaign performance, allowing ongoing control and optimization.

Create powerful services and products, such as:
  • Active messages on the mobile home screen
  • Infotainment services in mobile-friendly formats for phones without data capability
  • Deliver location-aware services
  • Advertise and distribute coupons and other commerce services
  • Provide dynamic menu management on the SIM
Who’s Using LiveScreen?

More than 50 mobile operators and device manufacturers around the world are using LiveScreen to deliver billions of impressions annually across over 150 million active delighted customers.

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