LiveScreen enables Mobile Marketing with Mass Reach

Celltick’s LiveScreen platform enables operators, marketers and advertisers to reach hundreds of millions of mobile users effectively and efficiently. The system intelligently targets the right services and products to be marketed to users based on their location, context and purchase history. With LiveScreen, we provide a managed mass market mobile marketing solution that has been proven to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for our partners.

With the LiveScreen Platform, we create powerful services and products for partners such as:

  • Active actionable messages on the mobile home screen
  • Infotainment services in mobile-friendly formats for phones without data capability
  • Delivering location-aware services
  • Advertising and distributing coupons and other commerce services
  • Provide dynamic menu management capabilities on the SIM


  • Intuitive user experience: LiveScreen’s user interface is about being simple and efficient. Users can interact with the messages with clicks without any typing.
  • Advanced media management: LiveScreen management tools aid in creating pre-scheduled messages such as merchant coupons, operator services, mobile advertisements and other infotainment services targeted to the right user segments.
  • Broadcast: LiveScreen enables the utilization of mobile broadcast to reach hundreds of millions of users in real time, without any additional network cost.
  • P2P Services : LiveScreen’s  Point to Point services allow the delivery of direct marketing messages to specific user groups in a personalized manner and includes focused reports and analytics.
  • Second Consent Server:  provides the ability to obtain explicit consent of consumers for the subscription and renewal of all services, ensuring that service providers protect the interest of the telecommunications service consumer.
  • Device-matching: LiveScreen is available for both feature phones and smartphones. The user interface adapts to deliver the best possible experience for each device.
  • Smart segmentation and personalization: LiveScreen can help in creating groups and segments of users based on user interests and choice of services.
  • Powerful analytics: LiveScreen collects and processes data on user engagements. It gives a clear view on the performance of the media operation and marketing campaigns, allowing ongoing control and optimization.
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