Mass Alert

Mass Alert System based on Cell Broadcast

Celltick’s Mass Alert Solutions (MAS) is based on Cell Broadcast, a highly efficient medium for mass distribution of alerts to mobile subscribers, without using taxing network resources.

Cell broadcast is a well-established technology. It allows simultaneous delivery of textual messages in real time to millions of mobile users within a specified geographical area, without overloading network resources.

Cell Broadcast Center (CBC) is mainly used for immediate distribution of time-sensitive information, such as emergency alerts and breaking news, but can be also utilized for revenue-generating services, such as location-based advertising and interactive content discovery.

Celltick’s MAS, developed according to GSM/UMTS/LTE standards, has been in use for more than a decade, deployed at over 50 operators in 4 continents, and is the world’s leading CBC solution.

Celltick’s MAS is equipped with advanced APIs for connecting to any cell broadcast entity, and has a proven interface with all BSC/RNC/MME vendors. It comes with a user-friendly graphical interface (GUI) that allows easy management of content and messages, as well as message analysis and system configuration tools.


Due to extensive field-experience and worldwide deployment, Celltick MAS is robust and proven, configurable to anyoperator system, with minimum set-up time and customized to suit any infrastructure.
Lately, Celltick has enhanced it’s MAS infrastructure to support fully redundant MAS architecture with the ability to add N CBC to work simultaneously and to enable by that geographical redundancy, which is required when deploying CBC for mobile alerting service (WEA/CMAS/ETWS/EU-Alerts) for the scenarios of Equipment failure or for catastrophic scenario of total site disaster.


Non-stopping active-active MAS solution
Works seamlessly with multi-BSC/RNC/MME vendor networks
Compatible with either Unix or Linux HW infrastructure
Equipped with advanced APIs, integrating with any Cell Broadcast Entity (CBE)


Built to support any network size, hardware platform and coverage areas
Supports heavy message load in real time
Configurable to support any number of servers, according to load requirements


In use for over a decade by leading operators around the globe
Deployed at over 50 operators to date
User-friendly message management tools
Supports all major BSC/RNC/MME vendors
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