When Public Safety is at Stake

We are a pioneer in providing technology that allows governments around the world to provide public safety alerts and citizen communication to hundreds of millions of people in their time of need.


Reach Millions by Location

Mass Alert allows simultaneous delivery of text messages in real time to millions of mobile users within a specified geographical area, without overloading network resources.

Cell Broadcast & sms Backbone

Our Mass Alert Solution (MAS) is based on Cell Broadcast together with sms alerting, which is a well-established and highly efficient medium for mass distribution of alerts to mobile subscribers. It’s configurable to any operator system, with minimal set-up time and may be customized to any infrastructure.

Government & Operator - Issued Alerts

Governments & operators can broadcast messages on their own channel with little or negligible network load. This ensures messages can be broadcasted even in emergency situations on different communication channels, even when networks are heavily congested.

Additional Services

Beyond alerts, Mass Alert can also be used for citizen alert services and may be combined with our LiveScreen managed service to generate revenue with location based advertising and interactive content discovery.

Why Mass Alert?
  • Communicate various levels of emergency to large masses of people in local languages based on location
  • Avoid chaos and confusion during stressful situations to ensure public safety
  • Allow real-time coordination with multiple government agencies and the public during emergencies
  • Comes equipped with advanced APIs for connecting to any cell broadcast entity, and has a proven interface with all BSC/RNC/MME vendors.
  • The user-friendly graphical interface makes it easy to manage content, and provides message analysis and system configuration tools.
Celltick Mass Alert
Robust and Field Proven

Mass Alert, developed according to GSM/UMTS/LTE standards, has been in use for over a decade, and is currently being deployed by more than 50 leading operators on four continents. It’s been used to issue pre- and post-tornado and hurricane warnings and to send alerts concerning local crimes, traffic situations, natural and industrial disasters, terrorist attempts and kidnappings.

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