Start. The extraordinary Android interface

Start is a thin yet super-smart Android interface layer that transforms the way people use their smartphones.

Instead of navigating screens, menus and folders, Start users have everything they need right on their start screen. They call, message, take photos and launch apps with a single gesture, and without unlocking the phone. And just the same way, they access their social media, news, sports, videos and all the other content they love. Simple, fast and so cool.

The start screen is the most visible mobile space. An average user looks at it dozens of time each day. Whether you’re an Operator, a media company or a handset manufacturer, you can now leverage Start to dominate this space and shape your users’ mobile experience like never before.

 Partner with Celltick to create your own flavor of Start, and expect to

  • Rise above the smartphone clutter and always stay in front of your users
  • Differentiate your content and services with the smoothest user experience
  • Monetize through search, display ads, app promotions and mobile commerce
  • Develop a mobile brand that users engage with daily

Start is an adaptive and dynamic interface. No two start screens are the same. On it first run it identifies the user’s unique traits and tailors his or her start screen – the design, the language, the content. Using big data analytics and collaborative filtering technologies, it then keeps learning user habits and creates a personal interface and content experience for each of them. It also ensures you achieve great engagement and conversion rates.

While providing a fantastic experience right out of the box, Start customization will satisfy even the most savvy users. They can choose from hundreds of themes (branded or un-branded) and numerous personalization options and content sources.

Start gives new life to user phones.

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