Start – The extraordinary Android interface


Start provides users with what matters most to them when they wake up their phone. Start is a customizable Android interface that helps device manufacturers, mobile operators and media companies to engage with their users, gain new insights and differentiate themselves while providing higher value to their users.

With Start, users get a start screen from which they can call, message, take photos and launch apps with a single gesture. Users can also access their news, social media, sports, favorite videos and more …

Users look at their start screen 100 times a day. If you are an operator, a media company or a handset manufacturer, you can now leverage Start to engage with your users on the start screen.

 Partner with Celltick to create your own flavor of Start, and expect to

  • Engage with users on their start screen
  • Differentiate and move ahead of the competition
  • Monetize through search, display ads, app promotions, mobile commerce and more
  • Develop a mobile brand that users engage with daily
  • Understand users better based on how they use their device

Start is adaptive and is different for every user. Start’s intelligent back end identifies user traits and tailors their start screen uniquely to them. Using big data analytics, Start learns user habits and creates a personal experience for the user.

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