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Create a smarter phone with Start

Start by Celltick is an intelligent customizable Android interface that will aids you in understanding your customers, differentiating your device value proposition and establish brand identity and loyalty. We will help you build an ongoing relationship with customers, long after the point of purchase.

Start is an intelligent interface layer and shifts nearly all user activity to the start screen. With a single gesture users can get what they want when they wake up their phone, With Start, users can call, message, take photos, launch apps and access social media, news, sports, videos and all other content.

You can now create your own flavor of Start, preload it on your devices and win customers with an amazing experience. Start’s design is completely customizable to reflect your brand values and personality.

With Start, you can

  • Differentiate your phones for each segment and sub-segment of customers
  • Excel in innovation with captivating designs and a cool user interface
  • Cross-sell and up-sell higher value phones based on knowledge of customer behavior
  • Get ideas for new product development based on analytics
  • Communicate new product launches to customers
  • Recommend accessories and upgrades to customers

Start comes with powerful monetization engines based on advertising and mobile-initiated commerce. We will increase the lifetime value of your devices and create additional lines of revenue for you.

Start is provided by Celltick as a hassle-free managed service. We already work with a number of device manufacturers who have adopted Start as their default interface.

So, when do YOU want to start?

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