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Beat the smartphone clutter with Start

The smartphone is fast becoming the medium of choice for information consumption by users. The challenge to stay at top of the mind of your user and have continuous engagement is becoming even more difficult in the mobile era.

Start by Celltick makes you essential to users by positioning your media assets on the start screen of the mobile device. It is a smart way to create continuous engagement and not just downloads.

Start enables you to create a branded media channel on the start screen where all your content can converge and get cross promoted. You can engage your audience intelligently based on increased knowledge of their preferences and utilizing our advanced collaborative filtering techniques that give unique insights. Your media assets will be deployed optimally generate high engagement rates – and ultimately convert to strong revenue streams on the mobile.

Utilize Start to

  • Gain the attention of an increasingly mobile centered user base
  • Monetize your content by joining a growing ecosystem of companies
  • Retain the attention of your audience with different applications while ensuring rapid discovery, increased engagement and cross promotion

Celltick enables media companies like you to create your own flavor of Start and position your media assets in front of users on the most visible screen. With a single log-in capability, Start will consolidate user experience across your multiple mobile apps.

Start will become an anchor for your mobile brand. It will differentiate your assets and enable mobile monetization immediately. Start’s flexible design can also be easily tailored to reflect your brand’s personality and values.

So when do you want to Start?

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