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Beat the clutter with Start

Mobile is becoming the medium of choice for information consumption. This presents an even bigger challenge to be the destination of choice of your user and to have continuous engagement with them. Understanding the customers and creating habitual behavior is even more difficult on the mobile. How do you stand out from the scores of apps that users download? How do you create continuous engagement with your content?

Start by Celltick makes you an essential part to your users by positioning your media assets on the start screen. It is a proven smarter way to create continuous engagement and not just downloads.

Start enables you to create a branded media channel on the start screen. You can engage with your audience intelligently based on their preferences and utilizing our advanced analytics backend that give unique insights.

Utilize Start to

  • Gain and keep the attention of mobile users
  • Monetize your content better by joining a growing ecosystem of companies
  • Increased engagement with rapid discovery and cross promotion of new assets

Celltick enables media companies like you to create your own flavor of Start.

Start will become an anchor for your mobile brand. It will differentiate your assets and enable mobile monetization immediately. Start’s flexible design can also be easily tailored to reflect your brand’s personality and values.

So when do you want to Start?

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