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We are a global leader of Public Warning Systems (PWS), Mass Notification Systems, and the world’s largest CBC (Cell Broadcast Center) provider. Our CBC has been adopted by over 70 mobile operators worldwide, delivering alerts globally to over 1 billion users daily.  Beyond cell broadcast, our public warning and mass notification systems deliver alerts in multiple channels including Location-Based SMS, dedicated apps, desktop alerts, email and IVR.

Management Team
Board of Directors
Ronen Daniel
Ronen Daniel
Yochi Daniel
Yochi Daniel
Meital Gean
Gabriel Paluch
GM Central & Latin America
Seema Yosef
Natty Attias
VP Operations

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Are you looking to help the universe be a safer place? Do you want to work for an innovative company that provides value to consumers all around the world?
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We are a diversified and multi-cultural company drawing our workforce from several continents.  As a global company, we offer unique opportunities for employee growth and foster a work environment of collaboration with an eye on customer success.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a melting pot of cultures and ideas, we embrace our unique technologies and encourage our employees with programs and means to contribute to their local communities, thereby strengthening the world in their own special way.

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