Committed to creating a positive change

“The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems”.  Mahatma Gandhi

We believe that each and everyone of us has a great role in making  a positive change, in ourselves, in our work place, in our environment and in life. Each year we focus on several causes and try give back to the community.

Making the World a Brighter Place
Making the World a Brighter Place

In March 2021 our team volunteered to paint walls at a kindergarten in the South of Tel Aviv. The kindergartens in this area are attended by children of foreign workers from many different countries, mainly from Africa. We transformed the area to being more welcoming by renewing and painting the bare walls with bright and cheerful colors, that elevated both our and the children’s spirits.

Good Deeds Day
Good Deeds Day

We participated in a Good Deeds Day by visiting the residents in a retirement home nearby.  Our team sang along with the residents, played trivia games and bingo and got to know many of  these special souls.  Wonderful day for us and our new friends at the retirement home.

Improving our children's environment
Improving our children's environment

We volunteered to improve a children’s day care center where we pulled weeds and cultivated the garden, repaired and painted the premises and did our utmost to make sure these kids enjoy all the time they spend away from home.

Education can be fun

We had a fantastic and very energetic day with kids at a boarding school where we focused on fun activities that could be played outside of class and in the fresh air, such as creating interactive playing stations, doing puzzles and many other fun team-building activities.

Giving back to animals

There are hundreds of dog kennels that lack financial aid to save the many dogs that are abandoned and sometimes found wounded in gutters etc. The kennels are mostly there to provide first aid and try find the right homes for the dogs, but while they are there, they are mostly locked in cages and our role was to bring much needed joy to these animals by walking and playing with them.


It's fruit picking season

We took this opportunity to assist various farmers pick seasonal fruits and vegetables at their peak readiness in order to ensure they timeously reach the markets in this time sensitive industry.

Save & educate the girl child

We partnered with Ministry of Women and Children Development in India , to spread awareness about BETI BACHAO BETI PADHAO to over 100 million mobile users via our mass market communication technology.

Spreading awareness about Dengue fever

We partnered with Sri-Lankan Ministry of Health and utilized our unique technology to spread awareness to over  5 million mobile users in Sri-Lanka to benefit from essential and valuable health information.

Raising the importance of eye donation  

Using Celltick’s content distribution capabilities to educate and encourage people to donate Eye and Human Tissues to the needy.

Raising awareness to Breast cancer and Aids

We used our definitive LiveScreen®️ platform to create a high profile campaign to raise awareness to Aids and Breast Cancer.

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