Welcoming “Stock Trainer” to the Start Magazine Family

Celltick welcomes Stock Trainer, an online virtual trading application, to the Start Magazine’s content monetization platform.  Stock Trainer help beginners take their first steps in the world of investment. The app includes a real market simulator that can be used as a guide for future investments, both for beginners and for experienced traders.



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When content is too good to be kept a secret….chat about it

We were recently approached by a chat application company who wanted to embed our Start Magazine within their software.

Now, while I’m naturally in favor of promoting our product in every way I can, I do try to apply some common sense and run a quick, initial sanity check to make sure the implementation will create real user value.

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Engaging users on the browser’s homepage- the future is already here

Celltick Technologies welcomes AdaptiveBee, a designer and developer of mobile and desktop applications, to the “Start Magazine” content monetization platform.

Based in France, AdaptiveBee help users protect their data online, and is the creator of UR Browser UR Browser
is a fast and secured web browser that provides users with tools for protecting their data online. With integrated privacy and security features,

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The El Clásico of Content

I admit I am not a huge soccer fan.

However, a match between Real Madrid and Barcelona is a momentous enough event to sit and enjoy.


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Engage your app users via content

It’s a rare, unexpected, precious moment in time: A customer calls and tells you…he is happy. When’s the last time it happened to you? Here’s my story.

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