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A stable government’s leaders can manage their economy, legislation and law enforcement, medical standards and the defense borders.

But even the most well organized, resourceful government is vulnerable when a significant natural disaster hits. Whether it be earthquake, flood, wildlife, epidemic, tsunami, heat wave or extreme cold front, managing citizen communication and action is a life-and-death challenge- not to mention the risk of long term financial damage suffered by the individual, the community  and the country as a whole.

In 2015 UN reports horrifying statistics  to illustrate the impact. In the past 20 years natural disasters around the world have killed more than 600,000 people, left 1.4 billion injured  or homeless, and cost trillions of dollars in damages.

As the central body of citizen rely on  information and instruction in times of crisis, government around the worlds are working swiftly. They are adopting integrated communication systems and strategies with common rules, well designed legal mandates and real time action plans. Technology is the cornerstone of these efforts. Government officials and emergency managers need a zero-failure, citizen friendly system that makes it quick and easy to instantly reach millions of citizens with a warning message or instructions. They need to be able to contact smaller remote geographic areas and to even reach then when the cellular networks are in overload.   Read more



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