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We were recently approached by a chat application company who wanted to embed our Start Magazine within their software.

Now, while I’m naturally in favor of promoting our product in every way I can, I do try to apply some common sense and run a quick, initial sanity check to make sure the implementation will create real user value. And more often than not, this is the case; we are already working with developers of over 50 applications who have managed to improve their KPIs by adding high-quality, customized content to their app…but in these cases, they’ve all managed to do this elegantly and logically, integrating it smoothly into what their app is already doing.

So when this chat application approached me, let’s say I was really curious to hear about their vision.

Then the most beautiful thing happened: They surprised me (and that does not often happen in discussions with partners).

You see, their vision to integrate a magazine into their chat app rested on two main objectives:

The first one was quite predictable: to provide a chat user the option of reading something interesting, and instantly sharing it with friends on the chat platform.

But it was the second idea that blew me away.

They wanted to take article commenting to the next level.

How? It’s very simple (now!): You begin reading an article and then open a random, live chat with someone, somewhere, who is using the app as well and reading the same article. Yes, it’s a wild, new social experience: two complete strangers finding themselves chatting about an article they find interesting, in real-time. It’s about connecting people, around chat and content.

Personally, I learned a very valuable lesson: Opportunities are all over the place, and they aren’t always obvious or what you plan for. You may think you “know” your domain… but there is always someone out there who thinks differently enough to bend the rules and create something new from the same starting point.

If you have your own application and would like to get creative with it…
If you also want to get excellent content, free of charge, and actually get paid for sharing it with your users…
If you also agree that “Content is King” and know that adding it will help your application…

Contact me. Together, we can bend some rules.



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