I admit I am not a huge soccer fan.

However, a match between Real Madrid and Barcelona is a momentous enough event to sit and enjoy.

While I was watching Messi and Ronaldo fighting their way to the long-awaited goal, I realized the power of interest in general, and the power of sports in specific.

In my daily job, I manage a content monetization platform called Start Magazine that has a variety of content categories. We have a dashboard view that shows behavior
al activity and revenue figures from all content areas, including our sports scoreboard solution, which is an integral part of Start’s content offering.

When I got to work the morning after the game, I was curious to see how this scoreboard was used by our Start users. A quick look showed (as expected) increased engagement around our sports score offering after the game, as well as over the next couple of days, when users returned to check the rank of the teams.

Whatever the score (Barcelona won 3:2 BTW), my dashboard did not fail me.   I saw millions of views on to the game page, where visitors looked at statistics (and were exposed to ads during the process, generating revenues for us and our partners)

Every time I look at my dashboards, I come to the same conclusion: Sport content is the most engaging content out there.

And we have it all.

We have sport articles. Scores. Videos. Images.

Any language, any country and any game.


If your app can use a great source of sport content, join Start Magazine.

You can offer your users a chance to create their own sport page (selecting their favorite teams).

Our simple API/SDK allow you to easily add content to your application.

And best of all, you get it all for free – and actually get paid via the ads within the content.


So what are you waiting for? Contact us now.


PS – Yeah, despite my excitement here, we have way more than just sports :)