It’s a rare, unexpected, precious moment in time: A customer calls and tells you…he is happy. When’s the last time it happened to you? Here’s my story.

Background: We developed the Start Magazine Content Monetization Platform for a couple of reasons. Yes. We wanted to earn revenue. But deep down, we believe “Content is King” and that adding engaging content to an application is not just a revenue tool, but a great differentiator and retention tool as well.

So I recently got a call from one of the applications we are working with.

Just so you understand, the vision I originally “sold” him emphasized the revenues he could earn by adding our magazine to his app. This benefit, however, was apparently of less interest to him.

This developer had built a “transportation sidekick” application, showing you the best way to get from point A to point B via the local metro/subway/bus system.

His main problem was engagement; he has close to a million installs, but DAU (daily active users) figures were extremely low. Another problem was session duration time. Users open the app, do their thing, and…leave. Never longer than a 50-second activity.

The idea of adding a white-labeled magazine to his app was “an interesting experiment” (his original words), and while skeptical, he was ready to give it a try.

We created for him a premium content magazine in four languages, comprised of News, Sports, Entertainment, Celebs, Music, and Videos. The full package.

The results?

  1. Session duration increases from 50 seconds to over 4 minutes. People actually stayed in the application while they were waiting for their transportation to show up.
  2. People started to use the application on a daily basis. Yes, they actually opened the app just to read the content, creating a spike in DAU of approximately 30% more DAU.  It made the app sticky and helped expose users to additional features.
  3. And the final upshot? Yes, he increased revenues as well.

Once again, a great demonstration that content is an excellent way to get your app’s users engaged in new ways.

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