Start: Driving engagement on Android phones

Start provides operators and device manufacturers a rich medium to understand and intelligently engage with the user. Operators are able to enable discovery of services that they offer as well as increase retention by providing targeted promotions. OEMs are able to understand user needs to create better devices while increasing brand loyalty with their existing users. Start allows our customers to do all this while generating high margin revenue through native monetization.

Start has been adopted as the default interface by over 40 operators and OEMs all around the world. Each month, millions of new users turn on their new device enabled with Start.



Content and service discovery has been a continued challenge for mobile operators worldwide. Effective mobile marketing that enables discovery leading to high margin revenue is what operators have been seeking for years.

LiveScreen is an efficient and effective mobile marketing platform enabling discovery and effective adoption of infotainment services for mobile operators. Celltick provides a managed mobile marketing service that generates hundreds of millions of dollars annually for mobile operators around the world. Celltick’s LiveScreen based mobile marketing service has over 160 million active users around the world.


Mass Alert

Celltick is the pioneer in enabling Mass Alert Systems based on cell broadcast technology on the mobile around the world. Celltick’s Mass Alert systems are the most proven disaster alert systems for operators and governments globally.

Governments and operators in a number of countries generate citizen alerts for hundreds of millions of mobile users on harsh weather conditions, terror alerts, crime alerts and more based on Celltick’s infrastructure.