Discovery and Engagement Platform for Mobile Operators

LiveScreen® is our patented user-engagement platform designed specifically
for mobile operators. On which, we deliver a managed service to produce incremental revenue from promoting operator’s core services, mobile commerce, apps, and more.
LiveScreen® generates hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for the
operator partners each year.

Drive services and products to the mass market
  • Delivers interactive promotions on the mobile home screen
  • Available on most types of mobile devices
  • Works on all network technologies
  • Supports various delivery channels – cell broadcast, SMS and IP
  • Provides services and content in mobile-friendly formats
  • Delivers location-aware services
  • Promotes operator’s core services, apps, content and ads
LiveScreen Managed Service
Who’s Using LiveScreen®?

More than 50 mobile operators around the world are using LiveScreen® to deliver billions of impressions annually across over 150 million active delighted customers.

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