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MAGEN®  Cell Broadcast Center delivers real-time and location based alerts without the need for cell service or internet network during natural disasters or national emergencies.

Real-time and location-based alerts

With CBC’s “Write once, publish to all” technology, real-time location based alerts are broadcast and delivered within seconds, whilst providing the highest caliber of cell site resolution.

Operates when networks are jammed

In emergency situations, its human nature to try contact everyone by calling or texting. These actions may heavily congest networks during these crucial times and cause systems to crash. MAGEN® CBC connects directly to the RAN, so its not at all affected. Furthermore, the CBC does not require a data connection and works on both smartphones and feature phones, ensuring that EVERYONE IS REACHED.

Compatible with all RAN vendors

MAGEN® CBC connects to all RAN (Radio Access Networks) vendors including Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei, ZTE, Siemens, Motorola and other established vendors. It is our obligation to keep up with any changes in the protocols made by the RAN vendors assuring continuous operation of the system, verifying every message reached its destination.

Compatible with all types of networks

MAGEN® CBC is congruent with all types of networks – 4G, 3G, 2G and very soon 5G. The system can be used on top of other existing CBC to support newer types of networks.

Complies with all emergency standards

Our CBC is fully compliant with international emergency related standards and protocols including CMAS, EU-Alert and CAP.

All levels of redundancy

MAGEN® CBC also supports all kinds of redundancy levels including LHA (Local High Availability) and geo redundancy. It can be deployed over bare metal or on a cloud/VM.  MAGEN® CBC can be implemented either in centralized or distributed topologies, and it complies with all industry standards including EU-alert, CMAS and CAP.

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Distributed and Centralized Topology

For governments that are looking for an integrated early warning system, we offer a national central system with a single CBC that connects to all the mobile operators in the country. The system aggregates alerts from a variety of authorities and sensors that are spread across the country and manages the dissemination of these alerts, over a single CBC that allows also SMS delivery, to the required geographical areas. To protect the various mobile operators information, the central CBC is equipped with a virtual CBC feature (vCBC) that allows separate and private environments for each of the mobile operators.

Robust and Field Proven

MAGEN® CBC, developed according to GSM/UMTS/LTE standards, has been in use for almost two decades, and has been deployed by more than 70 mobile operators across five continents, for both emergency alerting and commercial purposes. Our customers include some of the world’s largest mobile operators with thousands of RAN controllers that are spread across multiple time zones.

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  • A best of breed system with excellent performance
  • State of the art and user friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • Supports various levels of emergency alerts
  • Real Active-Active geo-redundancy solution
  • Includes an SMS dissemination module assuring  c.100% coverage
  • Connects to any kind of CBE (Cell Broadcast Entity)
  • Quick and rapid deployment

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