MAGEN® Command Post

Providing a comprehensive alert control and management
tool for all communication delivery channels.

When lives are at stake, one needs absolute confidence that your emergency alert system is infallible and will be able to handle any crisis on every level. The MAGEN® Command Post is a central alerts creation, control and management tool for all MAGEN® delivery channels. It is a fully fledged CBE (Cell Broadcast Entity) that in addition to the CBC, also correlates with all other MAGEN® products, starting from location-based SMS all the way through the variety of MAGEN® apps, including desktop alerts, email and IVR.

The Command Post is primarily used by government entities, public and educational institutions as well as enterprises. Its state-of-the-art graphical user interface includes all features required for rapid and easy operation.

Among others, the Command Post supports pre-defined alerts libraries, pre-defined areas list, various map technologies, layers, roles and permissions, allowing customization for protocols and permissions of the customer and their specific roles and responsibilities. Also, the required dashboards and reports are provided for close monitoring of the alert via the delivery channels.

Whilst alerts may be activated manually, the Command Post can also connect to external monitoring devices e.g. earthquake, tsunami or flood sensors.

The Command Post allows for advance preparation and readiness for all fundamentals required in an emergency and so when the situation arises, alerts and protocols are easily and rapidly activated.

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