MAGEN® Location Based SMS

An effective and dynamic public warning system must ensure that alerts reach
the intended audience rapidly and efficiently with nearly 100% coverage.
MAGEN® LB-SMS is the ultimate means to achieve this goal.

national emergency alert

By applying location data extrapolated from the network, location-based messages can be sent as a point-to-point SMS communication to all users in a known area, residents or visitors, without identifying the users and thereby guarding privacy concerns.

In the past, capacity was a hurdle for utilizing this technology but owing to today’s technology, capacity capabilities have been tremendously improved and minimizes possible network congestion concerns.

Our MAGEN LB-SMS solution provides the following:

  • Ability to interface with varying systems used by network operators
  • Extraction of location data without slowing the systems
  • Following up in real-time where the alerts were transmitted and if received
  • Different levels of performance, as per the requirements
SMS Alert System

MAGEN® LB-SMS solves all these complexities by providing a straightforward integrative solution to the network operators’ systems, by extracting location data rapidly and effectively from the available network elements.

The system is primarily designed for the emergency and public safety sectors, by operating as a stand-alone service or working alongside other delivery channels e.g. the MAGEN CBC.

Once the alert has been transmitted, MAGEN® LB-SMS provides immediate delivery acknowledgement and is equipped with all imperative dashboards and reports that are required for the control and management of the system.

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