Fully customized and branded emergency alerting app

Aimed at governments and organizations for ongoing
communication with citizens and employees

Celltick’s  MAGEN® native  app arms government and enterprises with branded native apps for real-time and location based on-screen alerts, as well as a general communication tool with citizens and employees.

Available for both iOS and Android, the MAGEN® app and its geo-fencing capabilities are fully customized to the unique and specific requirements of each customer in various levels, modes and designs.

The MAGEN® app has a state-of-the-art yet friendly user interface, allowing dual-way interaction between the organization and the end users. Users responses include a one-click call to the 911 Emergency Services of the specific country, an SOS button for immediate help request, chat and quick interfaces to select social networks.

The MAGEN® app also includes life-saving content with explicit instructions how to PREPARE, PROTECT and SURVIVE for all relevant emergencies and cases, as defined together with the customer.

The MAGEN® app is available in any language and its content is fully customized to the specific threats and needs of the customer.

The app also allows storing of user information, for imperative life-saving information such as critical medical conditions and deadly allergies, when the individual is unable to verbally communicate in their greatest time of need. Personalization is further broadened to other locations of interest, where one can select to receive alerts happening in a different area or country other than the current physical location of the user.

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